Today I started drinking my cranberry water to help with detoxing from sugar!!!!!  I expect to start seeing some headache’s here in the next couple days but that’s all part of the plan of removing it out of my system!

You’re probably wondering why and what is it?

First to make cranberry water you need 100% pure cranberry juice, not the cocktail like Ocean Spray.
I use KNUDSEN Organic Just Cranberry Juice

I’ll share the recipe at the bottom.

So again, why am I doing this?

You can make cranberry water and use it for a gentle, daily detoxification.  Cranberry is an effective cellulite fighter because it helps emulsify fatty globules in your lymphatic system, helps to open detoxification pathways in your liver and, thanks to its flavonoids, improves the integrity of your connective tissue, says nationally known nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, author of “The Fat Flush Plan.” Liver function is key to detoxification, as the liver is your body’s filter and cannot do its job correctly when it is overloaded.

Cranberry juice generally are considered safe, meaning there are no serious side effects, but you need to be careful if you have kidney stones, advises University of Maryland Medical Center.

Mix a day’s supply of cran-water in the morning. Combine 8 oz. cranberry juice and 56 oz. water. Alternately, use 3 tbsp. juice concentrate in 60 oz. water. Cranberry juice will aid in flushing toxic fluids from the body.

Drink one cup of the cran water at a time, finishing the day’s supply by bedtime.


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  1. Laura Jacobson says:

    I just read the article you have on here about the effects of sugar and I always knew it was bad for you but I had no clue it was that dangerous!!
    I would also like to detox. What do I need to know and how do I start?

  2. I am so excited to read about your journey. I have about 70 lbs. to loose still. I have recently lost 30. I am going to Walmart right now to get cranberry juice…lol

    • I tried the Walmart here in Canada and they don’t carry the organic Cranberry Juice I had to go to a regular grocery store. It was about $10.00 for the bottle…
      How long do you take it for 1 wk???? longer???
      Thanks, Colleen

  3. Do you eat too, or just drink this for one day?

  4. You are gorgeous and you look amazing! I’m trying to lose all the weight after my 2 kids too! Way to go! I am loving all of these ideas!

  5. You had me at cellulite fighter!!! I have always been a pear, with big legs and done every program to try to aleviate cellulite(beachbody and Jillian fiend). First off, my eating is off course, i need to get back to basics, secondly , with genetics i feel like i am fighting a losing battle. I can remember ppl in 3rd grade telling me my legs were too big for my body and why are they soooo dimply?? (shivers) But with alot of diet changes and exercise over the course of 3 years, i have changed it alot, but i have a little farther i want to go.. this could help with that. Thanks!

  6. Jamielyn says:

    How often does this need to be done? Everyday?

  7. Hello. I want to try this, but I am a little concerned with the amount of sugar in the cranberry drinks. Even the organic, pure, 100% not from concentrate cranberry juice that say unsweetened still have 18 carbs and 9 sugars. I know the juice will be diluted when you add it with water, but still. I am trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible. Also, how many of you have had REAL, significant results from this? Thank you and have a wonderful day.

    • You can make cranberry water and use it for a gentle, daily detoxification. Your cran-water will provide four organic acids that act as digestive enzymes, according to nationally known nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, “Fast Track Detox Diet” author. The enzymes help your body rid itself of small fatty deposits that get stuck in the lymphatic system. Your cran-water also supports liver function. Liver function is key to detoxification, as the liver is your body’s filter and cannot do its job correctly when it is overloaded with toxins.

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